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Our expert therapists specialise in relationship enhancement, trauma recovery, and anxiety management, offering personalised support through both online and face-to-face sessions.

Why Work With Find Reason Therapy?

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Specialising in Self Worth, Relationship Issues & Codependency.

Everything comes back to how we feel about ourselves and how we show up in relationships.

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Personal Connection, Rapport & Trust.

Feel comfortable with your relational-focussed, trauma-led, authentic therapists

Appointments that work with your schedule. Face to Face in Crows Nest, Sydney and Online.

Find a space that suits you and the way you want to do the work.

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Qualified level of Education and Lived Experience.

Clinical and Registered Counsellors and Psychotherapists with PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia)

Have a look at what we can work with...


Self-worth is how we value ourselves. When an individual has self-worth they internally believe that they are good enough, are inherently worthy of love from themselves and others.


Exploring and address the root causes of anxiety, employing various therapeutic approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, or mindfulness to develop coping strategies and promote improved mental well-being.


Codependency is a dysfunctional relationship pattern where individuals excessively prioritise the needs of others, often to the detriment of their own well-being, seeking validation and self-worth through caregiving and approval.


Addressing the effects of past traumatic experiences, creating safety and stabiliity, starting to look through what has happened and start to transform and integrate to help individuals process and heal from trauma.


Relationship Counselling is not just for couples, I hold the space for any individual wanting to work on themselves and their relationships. Working on yourself in counselling is an incredibly effective way to create the relationships that you want and need.

Online Therapy

Online Counselling simply means via teleheath or Phone call. When we are in isolation we need to not be socially distant, we need to connect now.

Group Therapy

Groups are all about connection and relationships. They can create amazing opportunities for anybody willing, open, and honest.


Addressing the symptoms and underlying causes of depression through therapeutic modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, or interpersonal therapy to help individuals manage and alleviate depressive symptoms.
Lauren Quirk
I was so anxious about getting therapy for so many years until I found Find Reason Therapy. It has completely changed my outlook on therapy and has had the biggest, positive impact on my life. I now tell all my friends and family to do it too as I just really don’t know how I ever did life or how anyone does life without it! It is so helpful and has changed my whole life. I really look forward to it now and always can’t wait till my next appointment. The whole team at Find Reason therapy are so warm and kind I actually don’t think I would be able to be doing life without it!!
Tom Mulready
Jackson is amazing at his craft! Someone who listens completely and connects deeply with his clients. He truely loves and cares for what he does. Couldn’t recommend find the reason therapy more highly! Reach out when you need help!
Myles Balthazaar
Highly recommend
Alexander Gregory
It was like speaking with an old friend, can’t recommend enough.
Karen Turner
It is a great website the service offering is clearly set out, informative and educational for people seeking self improvement. The business location is easily accessed by public transport and has a great ambience.
Gus Mills
Was a very thoughtful and helpful chat about my mental health journey. This will be the first place I call when I feel like I need some extra help.
George Wilkinson
Such an amazing place. Has really helped me in so many facets of my life, Thankyou for providing this much needed service!!

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Reach Out.

Please reach out if you have any questions or want to connect. If you would like to know more about counselling fees, subsidised rates, or discount packs please get in touch so we can talk you through the options.

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