Group Counselling

Jackson aims to instil hope for individuals, achieved through his;

  • Passion and positive energy
  • Ability to form relationships that are built on connection, support and compassion
  • Lived experience
  • Power of strengthening the individual to gain a better life with ongoing motivation and goals

There are two different groups that may suit the needs of individuals looking to get support and grow in themselves.

Find You - A Group for Growth as a Therapist

Online and Phone Counselling

Life happens. Life can get in the way of things sometimes and for whatever the reason people are unable to seek support in person. Online simply means via Skype or phone call. The same as individual traditional face to face counselling just online.

Jackson speaks from experience when he was skeptical of the disadvantages, online counselling might bring, such as not being able to connect or be emotional when not in person. The results were the opposite. The same level of expertise, connection and compassion is delivered as it would be face to face and the experience does not hold any disadvantages.

You can be anywhere in the world where there is access to being online and with the free application of Skype and receive the support that you need.

Find Reason Support Group

Find Reason Therapy was founded by Jackson Goding, a Psychotherapist based in Sydney, Australia. Jackson is a passionate and innovative therapist that prides himself in helping individuals to find reason to live, to grow and to understand.

Jackson has worked with clients from the time when trauma first happens to vulnerable, at-risk young people, through to when maladaptive coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s adversities develop into addiction, complex mental health issues and suicide.

Alongside this private practice, Jackson is currently the coordinator and counsellor of a drug and alcohol community services organisation, Odyssey House.

Jackson is a registered member with Psychotherapy and Counsellor Federation of Australia. He has a Bachelor in Psychology and a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

What do the groups look like?

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