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First Aid But Not As You Know It With Rise Foundation Aus

This episode is about Mental Health First Aid. If you have a kid grow up with diabetes, from the start that kid gets every bit of help, education and acceptance that they need, but for a kid growing up with mental illness, they aren't afforded that. Ben Higgs from the Rise Foundation is educating our society about mental health so that people no longer have to figure it out and make it up as they go, to stay safe and well. Ben runs mental health first aid, response and lived experience education programs to find a progressive step beyond raising awareness, but educating and teaching the everyday, practical tools we can use so that people no longer have to suffer with mental illness or poor mental health. Ben reasons with me about the importance of our society coming together and finding a common goal of supporting each other and staying well. Ben sends a strong passionate message with his own winning the battle with his bi-polar and thriving to in supporting himself, his mates and now people from across the spectrum within our society.

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