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Relationship Recovery - Your Path to Lasting Connection

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Find Reason Therapy
Lauren Quirk
I was so anxious about getting therapy for so many years until I found Find Reason Therapy. It has completely changed my outlook on therapy and has had the biggest, positive impact on my life. I now tell all my friends and family to do it too as I just really don’t know how I ever did life or how anyone does life without it! It is so helpful and has changed my whole life. I really look forward to it now and always can’t wait till my next appointment. The whole team at Find Reason therapy are so warm and kind I actually don’t think I would be able to be doing life without it!!
Tom Mulready
Jackson is amazing at his craft! Someone who listens completely and connects deeply with his clients. He truely loves and cares for what he does. Couldn’t recommend find the reason therapy more highly! Reach out when you need help!
Myles Balthazaar
Highly recommend
Alexander Gregory
It was like speaking with an old friend, can’t recommend enough.
Karen Turner
It is a great website the service offering is clearly set out, informative and educational for people seeking self improvement. The business location is easily accessed by public transport and has a great ambience.
Gus Mills
Was a very thoughtful and helpful chat about my mental health journey. This will be the first place I call when I feel like I need some extra help.
George Wilkinson
Such an amazing place. Has really helped me in so many facets of my life, Thankyou for providing this much needed service!!

Looking for Support?
Ready to Connect with Others and Thrive?

Join Our Community for Healing and Growth

Does this sound familiar?

You want to be free of the “I am not good enough” or “I am unworthy” messaging and self-doubt that hijack your mind but you can’t quite break the cycle that it leaves you in.

You’ve read the suggested things, watched the how-to’s and listened to the advice of your peers yet keep repeating the same message, “starting from today” still feeling stuck or lost as if something is missing.

You know it’s time…

You have a great deal of insight and awareness to support you and your relationship but seem to keep defaulting back into the same struggle and negative space.

Life has felt too busy and chaotic so staying afloat means focusing on what allows you to keep going rather than pausing, slowing down and looking within.

Groups are all about connection and relationships.
They can create amazing opportunities for anybody
willing, open, and honest.

What if…

You could build a shared commitment to emotional and relational safety, ensuring a lasting and secure connection?

You felt more connected to yourself, were sure of who you are, could live in an authentic way so that you can show up in your relationships and put yourself first.

Our Therapy Approach: Interpersonal Process Based Connection Groups

Welcome to Find Reason Therapy, your trusted team of group therapists in Sydney.

Our group therapy approach is grounded in the principles of mutual support, empathy, and collaboration. Led by experienced therapists, our groups provide a structured yet flexible environment where members can share their experiences, learn new coping skills, and gain insights into their behaviour and emotions.

Our groups offer an interpersonal experience for each group member where they can safely explore and expand on their journey by working towards greater self-awareness and internal growth.

The group aims to focus on connection and relating to oneself and others by sharing support, resources and experiences to encourage and increase self-directed positive change for people’s journey.

What you will recieve:

As the leading team of group therapists in Sydney, Find Reason Therapy will help facilitate you back to you with the company of like-minded members holding space and witnessing each other and healing together.

  • Participants discuss personal experiences and challenges openly.
  • Topics include family background, triggers, and relationships.
  • Feedback from group members enhances self-awareness.
  • The group provides a supportive environment for exploration.
  • Reflection and feedback empower participants to adapt their relational styles.
Common Challenges Addressed:

Our approach as group therapists in Sydney is rooted in empathy, understanding, and evidence-based techniques. We believe in uncovering interpersonal relationship challenges and fostering growth and connection.

Our group therapy sessions address a wide range of challenges, including:

  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Addiction and substance abuse
  • Relationship and family issues
  • Emotional connection
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Communication
  • Navigating conflict
What do the groups look like?

The group session will include; checking in with yourself and others, a process amongst the group with a space for observation, feedback and support, then closing the group with grounding and reflections.

As the group works together, there becomes an increase in self-awareness and an ability to grow internally and establish stronger connections. Members are free to open up and work through their own goals and aspirations where they may be met by others who have similar experiences.

Trust takes time to establish and as it starts to form the group is encouraged to explore and try new behaviours and new ways of interacting with each other within the safety of the group.

This is achieved through the power of giving and receiving feedback as members can start to get honest, vulnerable and open to uncover old patterns and create new behaviours that may have once been very difficult. This creates experiences that are more fulfilling and empowering as the opportunity to learn and grow together is supported within the group.

Who is invited?

The group is for anyone that has an interpersonal goal, issue or challenge that they want to explore in a supportive environment. The group space has a power that provides an incredible opportunity for connection, self-growth and resilience.

Whether you are new to the area, seeking further empowerment, or simply looking for a space to connect with like-minded women, we invite you to join our group. Our community is open to women of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences, and we welcome diversity in all forms.

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We would be honoured to hold space for you and for you to allow us to witness you reconnect and create a long-lasting connection within.

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In a truly great relationship, you feel seen, heard, and have a secure place to land, heal, and thrive.

Which group are you interested in?
Are you willing and able to commit to 6 months of fortnightly sessions, this includes if you may miss some sessions for whatever reason. Payment is upfront or with instalments (3 sessions at a time) which will be set up prior to commencement?