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Expert Clinical Supervision

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Find Reason Therapy
Lauren Quirk
I was so anxious about getting therapy for so many years until I found Find Reason Therapy. It has completely changed my outlook on therapy and has had the biggest, positive impact on my life. I now tell all my friends and family to do it too as I just really don’t know how I ever did life or how anyone does life without it! It is so helpful and has changed my whole life. I really look forward to it now and always can’t wait till my next appointment. The whole team at Find Reason therapy are so warm and kind I actually don’t think I would be able to be doing life without it!!
Tom Mulready
Jackson is amazing at his craft! Someone who listens completely and connects deeply with his clients. He truely loves and cares for what he does. Couldn’t recommend find the reason therapy more highly! Reach out when you need help!
Myles Balthazaar
Highly recommend
Alexander Gregory
It was like speaking with an old friend, can’t recommend enough.
Karen Turner
It is a great website the service offering is clearly set out, informative and educational for people seeking self improvement. The business location is easily accessed by public transport and has a great ambience.
Gus Mills
Was a very thoughtful and helpful chat about my mental health journey. This will be the first place I call when I feel like I need some extra help.
George Wilkinson
Such an amazing place. Has really helped me in so many facets of my life, Thankyou for providing this much needed service!!

Are You Seeking Transformative Clinical Supervision?

Ready to Grow and Excel in Your Professional Journey?

You know it’s time…

You have a deep commitment to helping your clients but find yourself needing support to navigate the challenges.

You work tirelessly to provide the best care, yet sometimes feel isolated and in need of guidance.

You’re dedicated to growth but need a collaborative space to explore and enhance your skills.

What if…

You could build a shared commitment to professional and emotional growth, ensuring a supportive and enriching supervision experience and taking your practice to the next level?

You could have a safe space to develop, thrive, and continue to spark the passion and joy of being a truly effective trauma informed therapist?

Photo of owner Jackson Goding smiling
My Supervision Approach:

My approach to clinical supervision is collaborative and tailored to meet your specific needs. Through one-on-one or group supervision sessions, we focus on:

  • Enhancing clinical skills and knowledge
  • Reflecting on clinical practice and experiences
  • Providing support and feedback
  • Promoting professional and personal growth

My supervision approach is deeply holistic, trauma-based and relational, considering individual experiences and the influence of professional, family, and internal systems. This shapes my work, focusing on a collaborative process and connection.

I am primarily a trauma-focused therapist, as in not just informed. I want to support supervisees to work collaboratively with clients who holds their own wisdom, strength, and resilience. I believe in the power of self-worth and how much growth and transformation happens when this comes from within.

Meet Your Supervisor

My name is Jackson Goding,  Your hype guy behind all these words, who’s here to align words with actions, your personal connection specialist and fellow self-worth thriver.

I’ve worked in many spaces that touch trauma in all its edges from young people and their families to adults trapped in their addictions and all the in-between. I have been in government, non-government, public and private settings and run a highly successful group private practice. I have supervised teams across differing sectors and provided consultancy to various organisations.  My private practice includes counselling and psychotherapy with individuals, facilitating process-oriented groups, building community and supporting therapists to create the freedom they want through their careers.

My approach is relational first and foremost. Anything we try to create in therapy without relationships does not stick or land with the client and creates challenges for long-lasting change.

What you will recieve:

I will always ask you about your self-care and ensure I hold a space for you to be accountable for showing up for yourself first.

Working with trauma requires a thorough lens and needs to involve the coordination and interconnection between mind and body. The ability to utilise the thinking brain and somatic work for the trauma the body can store. When we connect and come together, I will call upon the modalities I utilise the most including emotion-focused therapy, Internal Family Systems, Attachment Theory, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, DBT, Narrative Exposure Therapy and Schema Therapy.

Supervision, like therapy, is a collaborative space built on relationship, compassion and safety. The best way to work is to bring the full true authentic you,c come as you are with a touch of reflection and curiosity.

Benefits of Supervision

By engaging in clinical supervision services, you’ll receive:

  • Personalised feedback and guidance
  • Enhanced clinical skills and knowledge
  • Support in managing complex cases
  • Increased confidence in your professional abilities
  • Improved client outcomes
  • Accountability around self-care
  • Career progression and development
  • Resources for best practice
Transform Your Practice with Expert Guidance!

Are you ready to take your clinical practice to the next level?

Entering into trauma-informed supervision is an essential commitment required by our governing bodies but also a never-ending need to ensure professional growth and learning in the best and most supportive way possible. Supervision is the foundational structure that holds the most sacred of monumental therapists. Together we will enhance and deepen your craft as a trauma therapist, bring out the best of you as a person and as a therapist as you grow and develop into who you want to be in this space and this world.


Schedule a session with Me today, I would be honoured to start this journey with you towards trauma leadership and ongoing professional and personal growth.

In a truly great relationship, you feel seen, heard, and have a secure place to land, heal, and thrive.