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Relationship Recovery - Your Path to Lasting Connection

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"many thanks for your great advice in saving our marriage we seem to be on the same path now"

Lauren Quirk
I was so anxious about getting therapy for so many years until I found Find Reason Therapy. It has completely changed my outlook on therapy and has had the biggest, positive impact on my life. I now tell all my friends and family to do it too as I just really don’t know how I ever did life or how anyone does life without it! It is so helpful and has changed my whole life. I really look forward to it now and always can’t wait till my next appointment. The whole team at Find Reason therapy are so warm and kind I actually don’t think I would be able to be doing life without it!!
Tom Mulready
Jackson is amazing at his craft! Someone who listens completely and connects deeply with his clients. He truely loves and cares for what he does. Couldn’t recommend find the reason therapy more highly! Reach out when you need help!
Myles Balthazaar
Highly recommend
Alexander Gregory
It was like speaking with an old friend, can’t recommend enough.
Karen Turner
It is a great website the service offering is clearly set out, informative and educational for people seeking self improvement. The business location is easily accessed by public transport and has a great ambience.
Gus Mills
Was a very thoughtful and helpful chat about my mental health journey. This will be the first place I call when I feel like I need some extra help.
George Wilkinson
Such an amazing place. Has really helped me in so many facets of my life, Thankyou for providing this much needed service!!

Is your relationship not working and you want to improve it?

Do you find yourself repeating the same
old patterns in your relationships?

Does this sound familiar?

Conflicts that keep resurfacing, are leaving you both feeling stuck?

Struggling to meet each other’s emotional needs, leading to feelings of emptiness?

You know it’s time…

You have a great deal of insight and awareness to support you and your relationship but seem to keep defaulting back into the same struggle and negative space

You work really hard at connecting, giving and caring for others only to feel dissatisfied, disappointed with shades of resentment

You can create the life that you want to live and be lead by the
love and support that you provide to yourself

What if…

You could build a shared commitment to emotional and relational safety, ensuring a lasting and secure connection?

You could have a safe space to heal, thrive, and rediscover the joy of being truly seen and heard in your relationship?

Our Therapy Approach: Transforming Relationships Step by Step

Welcome to Find Reason Therapy, your trusted team of relationship therapists in Sydney.

We’re dedicated to helping individuals and couples strengthen their bonds and deepen their connections through expert therapy services tailored to your unique needs.

Reconnection to self and others in a safe space creates hope to foster ever-lasting change. We want to share this opportunity to come together, dissolve cycles, reshape the sacred bond and create renewed flourishing connection that we have had the privilege of witnessing for many of our clients.

Meet our Counsellors
Photo of owner Jackson Goding smiling
Clinical Lead

Jackson Goding

Find Reason Therapy was founded by Jackson Goding, a Self-Worth and Relationship Clinical Psychotherapist based in Sydney, Australia.Jackson prides himself on helping individuals to find reason to connect, to grow and to understand their own self-worth and relationships. Jackson supports his clients to understand themselves and start to thrive in their connection with others. Jackson holds the space to allow individuals to find their whole unique selves with worth, values, and needs, guiding them to connect to stuck emotional pain to heal and live a life with purpose and meaning. Jackson has a passion for connection and utilises this to form relationships built on safety, support, and compassion. Jackson has lived experience in finding his own reasons to connect and thrive in himself which gives him the power of strengthening individuals to gain a better life with long-lasting change and ongoing motivation and goals.

Jackson works with clients from the time when trauma first happens to vulnerable, at-risk young people, through to when maladaptive coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s adversities develop into addiction, complex mental health, relationship issues and suicide.

Jackson is a registered member of the Psychotherapy and Counsellor Federation of Australia with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. He work mostly in relational, emotion-based psychotherapy and explore the body through somatic psychotherapy, positioning all his work back to understanding and healing trauma.

Do you ever struggle with how you see yourself and how you show up in relationships? Is something getting in the way of allowing you to meet your needs and connect with others? There is a road to finding value in yourself and an ability to be in healthy relationships when you take the step to put yourself first, increase your awareness and address your concerns. Find Reason Therapy creates a safe space to help you find the whole unique you with worth, values, and needs, guiding you to connect to stuck emotional pain in order to live a life with purpose and meaning.

We all have a concern or problem that we find challenging or difficult that we present with, working together with me will not only address and connect to what you present with but unpack what happened, and what lies beneath the surface of the identified issue in self and relationship and continue to identify who you are.

Senior Counsellor

Oksana Pueschel

Oksana is a Licensed Professional Counsellor, Transpersonal Arts Therapist and Certified as a NeurOptimal Brain Trainer. Oksana has vast experience in facilitating positive changes for people struggling with overwhelming feelings, substance abuse, behavioural and mood disorders, anxiety, love and sex addictions, codependency and childhood trauma. Oksana supports individuals to create more harmony and connection in relationships, both from within themselves and with others.

Oksana’s current practice focuses on supporting adults and adolescents to navigate the current situation as well as what lies beneath this; thoughts of worthlessness, lack of direction and meaning in life, domestic challenges, trauma, life transitioning circumstances, codependency and corresponding changes in identity and relationships.

Oksana’s style of therapy is informal, compassionate, and responsive to each person’s unique needs to identify their strengths and options to develop strategies to achieve their goals. She will guide those willing to explore themselves and build a greater understanding of the different aspects of your experience, from the emotional, mental, and physical to the family, social, cultural, and spiritual dimensions.

Using a variety of evidence-based techniques, she will help individuals reconnect to existing strengths and cultivate additional resources that support progress toward the changes they wish to make. Depending on specific needs, she draws from a number of therapeutic modalities, all incorporating a respectful, strengths-based, person-centred approach to connect with your feelings and needs. Oksana’s practice is grounded in developmental, trauma-focused and solution-focused therapy, she frequently calls on mindfulness, creative interventions and somatic resources to align the mind and body connection. Oksana considers cultural humility essential to therapeutic practice.

An initial visit will be a collaborative experience of sharing information, identifying goals, and building trust. Oksana wants those she works with to feel safe, seen, heard, and empowered as they move through the natural process of finding meaning, healing, and hope.

Oksana is taking clients both face-to-face in Crows Nest and Online via telehealth. Oksana is also an experienced group therapist who loves the power of finding depth through the power of being witnessed by others, reducing shame and increasing strength from within. She can’t wait to connect and continue to support others.

Tori Staff Member
Clinical Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Tori McCarthy

Tori has extensive experience working in the field of addiction and trauma and believes wholeheartedly that recovery is possible. Tori is a creative therapist who works intuitively and experimentally. She believes in treating the underlying causes, not just the symptoms. She has held various senior clinical roles and continues to work as a Senior Therapist at South Pacific Private where she runs the sex and love addiction intensive programs. Working with addiction and intimacy-related disorders is an area Tori is passionate about as she loves witnessing the profound change that can occur when we get vulnerable, trust, and become our authentic selves.

Incorporating her training in process-oriented psychology, addiction counseling, Pia Melody’s post-induction therapy, couples sex addiction counseling, and the wisdom of the cycles, she brings an intuitive, experiential, and holistic approach to therapy.
Incorporating her training in process orientated psychology, addiction counselling, Pia Melody’s post induction therapy, couples sex addiction counselling and the wisdom of the cycles, she brings an intuitive, experiential and wholistic approach to therapy.
Chloe prides herself on holding a safe and compassionate space for clients. She supports them in building self-awareness and developing a deeper understanding of maladaptive behaviours and patterns that may be causing current suffering. Relational dynamics with self and others are a key focal point in sessions, along with the incorporation of Solution Focused Therapy, ACT, CBT and Somatic Psychotherapy techniques.

Chloe believes that all humans are perfectly imperfect, and part of the work is to acknowledge, hold space and cultivate acceptance towards this. When we are no longer at war with self, the potential for integration and transformation arises.

Chloe has worked in a variety of different settings, from private practice to inpatient psychiatric. She has worked with clients experiencing Trauma, Complex Trauma, PTSD, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Ideation and Self Harm. For each client, Chloe works collaboratively and has often been told she has a ‘grounded and gentle yet firm’ approach. She ensures clients feel empowered, seen and heard. Chloe is taking clients both face-to-face in Crows Nest and Online via Telehealth.

Staff Photo

Heath Gerrard

"I think the most beautiful thing in the world is watching the light come back on in
someone’s eyes when they have been lost in the dark for so long."

The light returned to Heath's eyes when he embarked on his own recovery journey 11 years
ago. The unexpected gift that emerged from the struggle was a passion for the transformative recovery process and helping guide others out of the darkness.

Heath is a Registered Counsellor and has worked at treatment centres throughout Australia
over the last 10 years, most recently at South Pacific Private in Sydney for 6.5 years. An avid
lover of analogies and the many catchphrases picked up along the way in this setting and
12-step fellowships, he prides himself on delivering guidance and support in an easy-to-
follow and empathic manner as someone who has also walked down a dark path and found
a new way. On that note, Heath believes a key aspect of embarking on the journey of self-discovery is doing a deep dive to uncover the underlying core issues and heal the old wounds that lie beneath the surface, often unwittingly driving 'the tip of the iceberg'; or presenting problems showing up in our everyday life – namely our relationship with ourselves and others. This in- depth reflection serves as a solid foundation to then resource you with the tools to achieve profound and lasting change.

Recovery has provided the opportunity for Heath to recently make the move to Bali to work
remotely, surf, and hang out with his partners one-eyed rescue dog, Twiggy. He is available online via Telehealth.

What you will recieve:

As the leading relationship therapist in Sydney, Find Reason Therapy will help you unlock the potential of your relationship through our tailored therapy process:

1. Unraveling Tensions: Easing Negative Cycles

  • Build a positive alliance
  • Identify attachment issues
  • Access underlying emotions
  • Reframe perspectives

2. Bonds Reforged: Crafting Relationship Resilience

  • Explore implicit needs and fears
  • Promote acceptance and understanding
  • Structure reach and responses for bonding

3. Flourish Together: Integration & Renewed Connection

  • Facilitate new solutions
  • Strengthen secure attachment narratives

Experience the power of these strategic steps as we guide your relationship towards lasting transformation.

Relational Issues

Our approach as the top relationship therapists in Sydney is rooted in empathy, understanding, and evidence-based techniques. We believe in uncovering each relationship’s unique strengths and challenges to foster growth and connection.

    1. Emotional Connection
    2. Navigating Conflict
    3. Setting Boundaries 
    4. Healthy Communication
    5. Intimacy Dynamics
    6. Infidelity Recovery
    7. Trust and Jealousy Issues
    8. Addressing Behavioural Concerns
Transform Your Relationship Today with Expert Guidance!

Connect with a Leading Relationship Therapists in Sydney. Schedule A Free Session.

Take the step towards relational recovery now and continue the journey you have started to uncover what’s holding your team back and regain your energy and power together.

We would be honoured to hold space for you and for you to allow us to witness you reconnect and create long-lasting love and connection.

In a truly great relationship, you feel seen, heard, and have a secure place to land, heal, and thrive.