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A Radical Guide to Putting Yourself First

Do you want to deeply connect to yourself and others?

Get amongst it and find you, through connection, self-worth and relationships. Why do we think, feel and act the way we do? What drives us? How do we show up and be with ourselves and others? How do we find and thrive in healthy relationships?

Be you, be unique
and be different...
E-Book Find Reason Therapy

This book helped me better recognise and understand where my life struggles were a result of my own persistent feelings of worthlessness and gave me the tools to better navigate and process in future.


Really easy to digest book that helped me to understand some of my limiting beliefs / thought pattens and how I tend to act in those situations in a structured manner. Have been to therapy for years and didn’t manage to get this level of understanding!


Find You is a constructive read that will help you in understanding what factors need to be addressed when going through a variety of the struggles that come with being human. The section on triggers was particularly helpful to me and I will be reflecting on Jackson's words when falling into old patterns. Overall, I think this is a read for anyone and everyone at any stage in their life.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Jackson, I pride myself on helping individuals to find reason to connect, to grow and to understand their own self-worth and relationships. I work in private practice with clients from the time when trauma first happens to vulnerable, at-risk young people, through to when maladaptive coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s adversities develop into addiction, complex mental health, relationship issues and suicide.

Let's Begin Now

No matter where you are in your life’s journey, you can make, unlock and gain real, significant and measurable changes. This e-book is all about finding you. Getting to know the self just that little bit more, whether it be in areas that are in the dark or parts of self that have been waiting to flourish, this short research-based ebook will shed light on you. To do that, we turn the focus on ourselves, the role we play in relationships and how to understand and connect deeply.

Create a More Authentic You.

In this e-book, we aren’t going to do anything else but put you first. We tackle the concept of being codependent and how putting people before yourself can and may have been impairing you up until now and what I want to do is explore how to repair and then thrive.

I speak from experience when I say that this work is a cathartic roller coaster with heaps of reflection and management. If this sounds like a bit of you, then why not come dip your toe in the pool of possibilities. I love working with people to help them find out more about themselves and how to flourish in their life. 

After this e-book, what can you hope to find:

  • More confidence in the discovery of yourself

  • A better understanding of  you, your emotions, your triggers

  • Shed some light on the patterns and some of those old  ways

  • Discover a path to healthier relationships

  • Increase in self-worth and esteem

  • Ability to attract a new relationship and create long-lasting change

  • Improving the way you communicate, solve issues and resolve conflict

  • Thrive in your ability to connect with others

Who is this perfect for?

  • Those wanting to thrive

  • People that want more value and worth in their life

  • People that want to learn more about themselves

  • Anyone in a relationship that has its big ups and big downs

  • Those that have found that the same old shit gives them the same old results

  • “Givers”, people that do a lot more giving than receiving

  • Professional health workers that work with codependents

  • Anyone that is naturally a giver or in the helping profession

  • People who are highly sensitive or highly empathic

Find You

We can not change anyone but ourselves, we also can not let anyone try and change us.
"Only I create what I think and feel and am in control of what I do and not do and the same is true for you"

Be you, be unique, be different.

We repeat what we don’t repair and what we resist, persists.

Jump In Start Now

In this e-book you get choice. The whole purpose of why I made this is to empower people to choose to be their own number 1, and put themselves first.  This e-book is an extraction of the therapeutic work that I do in sessions with individuals in my clinic. This understanding and process can take up to 6 sessions in therapy valued at $900. 

 I want to respect where you are at and allow you to explore this at your own pace. I encourage you to give yourself the opportunity to connect to this and if you find you now are wanting more please reach out. 

Valued at a silly amount to be FREE but here you go have it for FREE!

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