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Joel's Journey
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The Power of Perspective With Joel Sardi an Inspiring C5 Quadriplegic

This episode is about perspective and resilience. On the 31st of August 2014, Joel Sardi had a fall over a staircase and broke his C2 & C5. The injury that night has left Joel a C5 quadriplegic. Joel had been serving in the Australian Army for the past 5 years as a rifleman when he had his accident. He had recently returned home from a 7-month deployment in Afghanistan in December 2013. He now does presentations talking about the challenges he still faces and how he has overcome them as well as future goals. Joel reasons with me about the perspective of life, its hardships, overcoming personal challenges, maximising opportunities, mental health and handling every curveball that life may throw at you. It is my honour to have someone on the podcast who not only served my country but now shares the power of perspective to create change in people's lives.

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