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A profound release in the body and a altered state of consciousness to see oneself from a different perspective - Blowing the roof off for people with the power of breathe - Kade Fallins

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Every breath you take with facilitator and coach Kade Fallins.

This episode is all about the power of breath. Kade Fallins is a Facilitator & Coach from with qualifications in a number of holistic modalities relating to Wellness and Performance, he places a passionate emphasis on bringing out the best in people, in remembrance of their existing gifts and wellbeing, by clearing any layers that are distorting their ability to experience them. Using Breathwork as the primary tool for this, he combines this with Cold Exposure to offer the physical vehicles for mental breakthrough. Kade reasons with me about raising the level of awareness that people operate from by empowering them to take the reins of their life; the first step towards outward change in the world.

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