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Ice Baths is about teaching people about stress and bringing people back to the breath - Dean Gladstone

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Ice Bath and Cold Exposure With Dean Gladstone.

This episode is all about ice baths and cold exposure. Dean is a former national gold medallist in swimming and surf lifesaving. He is a qualified and practising Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach, He qualified as a Wim Hof method instructor in 2018 and a Bondi Lifeguard. He has 22 years of experience coaching both kids and adults ensuring a unique and individual approach to improving the health and performance of all his students and clients. For the past 6 years, Dean has been facilitating Power of the Breath workshops and courses. Dean reasons with me about how housands of students have gained a full understanding of the health benefits associated with Ice Baths and Breathwork and are healing themselves from a range of challenges including Anxiety, Respiratory conditions, Sleep disorders, Snoring and Fatigue.

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