Take a moment today to think about someone you can ask, are you okay? - Kate Taylor

How To Ask R U OK?
Suicide Prevention - R U OK?
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R U OK? - Staying Connected With Ambassador Kate Taylor

This episode is about Asking R U OK? Kate Taylor is the community Ambassador for Suicide Prevention Organisation, RUOK. Kate shares her personal story and journey of lived experience through a passionate and raw account that speaks from the heart. Kate and the RUOK Organisation reason with me on how by just asking R U OK, can be the turning point that saves a life. Kate's friends and family saved her life by being the lifeline that she needed at the time, now Kate speaks across the country sharing with people the simple life-saving tools and strategies of being a genuine, caring human being. Reflect, listen and learn about the 4 steps to asking Are You Okay and how to start a conversation.

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