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Uncover your past and
reconnect to your
true authentic self

Have you ever wrestled with thinking 'I'm not good enough' or questioning your true worth?

Are you prepared to embrace your authentic self, cultivate emotional resilience, and confidently articulate your needs, unlocking deeper purpose and fulfillment in your life?

Does this sound familiar?

You want to be free of the “I am not good enough” or “I am unworthy” messaging and self-doubt that hijacks your mind but you can’t quite break the cycle that it leaves you in.

You know it’s time… 

You put off doing anything truly nurturing or nourishing for yourself by focusing on the more external nuances of life leaving you in a comfort zone but also stagnant and somewhat disconnected.

You work really hard at connecting, giving and caring for others only to feel dissatisfied, disappointed with shades of resentment

You can create the life that you want to live and be lead by the love and support that you provide to yourself

What if…

By merely showing up where you are right now to do the work, the work has already begun?

You felt more connected to yourself, were sure of who you are, and could live in an authentic way so that you can show up in your relationships and actually put yourself first?

Finding Your Worth

A program of deep knowing that you are of value, you are loveable and you deserve to live life. We will connect and share together to implement the pillars of the self that unlock your full potential and allow you to heal, grow and thrive in your own worth and authentically show up for yourself and others.

The 8-week journey towards feeling more worthy in yourself with Jackson Goding is crafted to support you to change the way you see yourself and start living from your true authentic self.

This course has been designed to guide you to learn how to: 

  1. Identify and challenge your limiting core beliefs of feeling not good enough or not worthy as a person, crushing the shame and doubt that reappears and hijacks our minds.
  2. Mould you into unlocking your full potential and having love and worthiness that comes from within through awareness, compassion, care and leadership
  3. Utilise your own resources that support the growth you’ve been missing or searching for that connects you to a powerful and self-led version of yourself.

What you will find: 

  • How to show up for yourself and start to put non-negotiable self-care in place
  • Understand and Identify what has happened and further deepen your understanding of your past experiences and how they have shaped you
  • Power in learning when self-worth is impacted, kindness and love is needed
  • Proven strategies for setting boundaries with yourself and others
  • How to discover and know our authentic selves and what we need to feel content and worthy
  • My best tools for taking leadership in your life and putting the understanding into action
  • Reducing the critic and saboteur and learning to love you just as you are and celebrating the small wins and living with gratitude
What you will recieve:

The 8 Pillars to true, authentic worth

  • Self-Knowledge – Who are you and what do you do
  • Self-Care – showing up for yourself
  • Self-Awareness – Understanding your core beliefs and emotional pain
  • Self-Compassion – Connect to your inner child, reduce shame and repair
  • Self-Protection – Setting boundaries, accepting your imperfections
  • Self-Identity – Breaking free of the role and finding your true self
  • Self-Accountability – Leading your own way and maintaining worth
  • Self-Love – Loving you, being present and celebrating

Workshop 1 
Knowledge and care

Workshop 2
Awareness and Compassion

Workshop 3 
Protection, Identity and Leadership

Aftercare Planning 

  • Support to map out your maintenance and your where-to-from-here plan to ensure you are well-supported moving forward


  • Practical exercises to implement and integrate the different levels of transformation you are starting to foster
  • Resources that are proven to change your life with consistency and routine
  • Community with the Connection Crew provides ongoing resources to continue you on your journey and ensures you are staying on track
Why is this offer different?
  • Not only am I a clinical counsellor and psychotherapist, but I also have ‘living’ experience with my own self-worth
  • My lived experience in finding my reasons to connect and understand gives me the power to strengthen my clients to gain a better life with long-lasting change and ongoing motivation and goals
  • There is incredible power in group-based therapeutic connection
  • This group offers an interpersonal experience for each group member where they can safely explore and expand on their journey through working towards greater self-awareness and internal growth
Here’s what sets offer apart
  • You will be a part of the one-of-a-kind connection crew like no other
  • You will be a part of a group that offers immersion into the self and connection to like-minded people
  • You will have a safe space to find reason and hope to thrive within yourself
  • This is the first offering of its kind, a model of Self-Worth Therapy that envisions touching many more individuals’ lives
  • You will get an authentic and real hype guy, a fellow self-worth thriver and perfectly imperfect connection specialist, Me, Jackson Goding.
Find You
By the end of our 8 weeks together you will:
  • Feel more connected to yourself in ways you didn’t know were possible
  • Rediscover a relationship with your younger self and a stronger connection to the real, raw, authentic you
  • Be able to slow down when you want, create space for yourself and feel content and grounded on your own terms
  • Have the ability to protect yourself; set boundaries, get your needs met and implement non-negotiable self-care
  • Move from surviving to thriving, see a future with you coming first and leading from within
  • Freedom from past experiences and stronger communication skills and the ability to express emotions
  • Have more control and power over shaming, negative, sabotaging and critical messaging

Application Only:

This program is hard and I need to ensure it is right for you.

You must fill out an application form and then meet me to ensure we are are a right for each other.

If you want to just get the material without the coaching and therapy then please see below the 6 Week Material Course.


3k upfront or 3.5 on a flexible payment plan (GST included).

$4k  Now 3k

Choose You and show up for yourself like you never have before.

This book helped me better recognise and understand where my life struggles were a result of my own persistent feelings of worthlessness and gave me the tools to better navigate and process in future.


Really easy to digest book that helped me to understand some of my limiting beliefs / thought pattens and how I tend to act in those situations in a structured manner. Have been to therapy for years and didn’t manage to get this level of understanding!

Who is this for and not for

This offer is for me:

This course is for the brave and daring, the individuals that are ready and really want that long-lasting change in the patterns and limiting beliefs, that want to show up and start to feel better about themselves.

This is for you if you find that:

  • You put other people or things before yourself
  • If you have repetitive patterns of doubt, blame, shame, sabotaging or criticising beliefs
  • If you ever feel less than, not good enough, that you are not loveable or do not matter
  • If you struggle to say no, do not know where you start and others stop, have fractured boundaries and unmet needs
  • If you have experienced emotional pain from past experiences, relationships, family of origin or other rejection or abandonment circumstances
  • Feel like there is an urgency to do more and keep going, unable to slow down easily

This is for you if you would love to:

  • Find you, start to thrive in your own life
  • Feel you can find internal worth and love yourself from within
  • Feel better in your body and mind with an ability to be present, grounded and content
  • Ascertain healthy and loving relationships with stronger and more meaningful connections
  • Have the ability to just be

This is probably not for you if:

  • You think this should be a quick and easy flick of a switch, fix me an upper program that will heal you within moments of reading this very sentence
  • If you are in the midst of a moderate to significant crisis and life is intense and chaotic (more than the usual chaos that is forever present)
  • You are not able to be willing, open-minded and honest within your own capacity to be a part of a connected community-integrated approach to healing (you can’t play nice)
Meet your therapist

Your hype guy behind all these words, that’s here to align words with actions, your personal connection specialist and fellow self-worth thriver. It’s the perfectly imperfect, the what you see is what you get because everyone else is taken, Jackson Goding

Allow me to introduce myself…

Yes, I just introduced myself before I introduced myself so…Allow me to reintroduce myself My name is Jackson Goding, pictured above.

If you can read my tone, I am pumped, honoured and hyped to be here.

So we all have a concern or problem that we find challenging or difficult that we present with, working together through this program will not only address and connect to what you present with but unpack what happened, what lies beneath the surface of the identified issue. What I think straight off the bat, is that almost every experience, issue, concern or challenge that we face all comes back to how we feel about ourselves (our own worth) and how we show up in relationships.

Spending a long time searching for my worth outside myself,  I slowly realised that helping everyone else and not myself would only lead me down a darker and lonelier path. I could not be healthy or functional in relationships as the relationship with myself was filled with pain and shame. I didn’t know what I needed, what my boundaries were, and how to love and support myself.

I realised I didn’t have to live that way, and neither do you. I have supported and resourced myself and many others through the journey of finding yourself, making you the number 1 priority and starting to thrive in feeling that you are good enough and you are worthy. Connection to self and others in a safe space creates hope to foster ever-lasting change. I want to share this offering with you so you can access and achieve similar changes, insights, results and successes that many of my clients have found and that I’ve had the privilege of witnessing.


– Full 8 Week Program 

– Fortnightly 1:1 Online Sessions  (face-to-face if you’re Near or around CROWS NEST, SYDNEY) 

– Daily access via Slack for real-time support (within reason, will be discussed) 

– Accountability Check Ups

– Videos and Audio

– PDF Exercises

– Bonus Meditations



– Material Only

– Full 6 Week Course

– Videos and Audio

– PDF Exercises

– Bonus Meditations

$500  Now 300


Fill in your details on the next page for a secure and safe payment form. You will be emailed directly using the information provided.

The A's To Your Q's

Q: How do I access all the learnings?

A: After sign up, you will be given access to the platform that holds the 6-week of content material, where you will find all of the content, resources and additional information.

Q: What if I do not complete the week’s content before the workshop?

A: All is well, the workshops will enhance and add more depth to the content, and although it is highly recommended, the workshop alone will provide space for growth and an immersive collective experience.

Q: Is there an opportunity for 1-1 sessions?

A: You may email any questions you may have that may support you through the course. If you feel you need additional support you can request 1-1 sessions with Jackson to diver deeper, which can be discussed, this will sit outside what is included but can be made available to best meet your needs. Post-course there are options to stay connected and transition to individual counselling.

Q: Is this course for those outside of Australia?

A: If the time zones works for you to engage with the workshops which are in AEDT then by all means start the journey. If this will impact your schedule and routine heavily, it would be advised to look after yourself first and do what is right for you.

Q: I am not sure about the course is there a way to ask further questions?

A: Sure, if you are curious and want to know more, then get in touch, shoot me an email or set up a free consultation found below.

Together we can reconnect to your worth.

Join me for 8 weeks of discovery, connection and expansion within yourself so that you can lead with love and live the life you deserve, feeling more in control, capable and centred.

Take the step towards worth now and continue the journey you have started to uncover what’s holding you back and regain your energy and power.

I would be honoured to hold space for you and for you to allow me to witness you find your worth.

Today of all days, is the day I choose me.