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I am not in a relationship for various reasons but I want to get better in myself.*
I struggle to put myself first before others and tend to put others needs above my own.*
Things aren’t working in my relationship that I need to adjust and improve on*
I find myself repeating the same patterns in relationships.*
My sense of worth of self-esteem is based on what others think of me.*
I find it difficult to express my emotions and identify what I need to myself and others.*
I struggle with being emotionally or physically intimate with my relationships.*
I am either all in or nothing, there is no in between.*
I take on way more than I can handle to help other people have less on their plate.*
When I am not in a relationship, something is missing, a gap or blockage.*
I base my whole world around my relationship, when it is lost or at risk, I struggle.*
I have challenges and concerns from the past that keep on coming up.*
When in relationship, I don’t know where to go next, break up, get back together, move on.*
When I have a break up I struggle with grief and it really bothers me.*
I am not able to function well in my own life while I am in a relationship.*
I have trouble saying no and find it difficult to set boundaries.*
I think I want to leave my relationship and I don't know how.*
I find it challenging when it comes to dating or making commitments.*
I reflect regularly that I want more connection from my relationships and myself.*

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