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Get in the moood for some cow therapy with Cow Cuddling Co.

This episode is about Cow Therapy. Lawrence Fox is the founder of Cow Cuddling Co an animal rescue farm that involves meeting, sitting with, cuddling, and scratching hand-raised cows on a farm. The slower heart rate and warm body temperature of the cows induces a slowing of our own heart rate, as well as the release of Oxytocin, our social bonding hormone. Lawrence wishes only that the cows could be on the podcast and talk to me as it really is all about the cows. Cow Cuddling Co is also a social enterprise that employs people living with mental illness and intellectual disabilities as well as donating a portion of the profits to a local Cancer Wellness Centre – COUCH. Lawrence reasons with me about the impact it has on everyday people's lives alongside those that work within Cow Cuddling Co as it is a space that can create incredible connection and change in how people feel about themselves. This is a fun wholesome conversation about coming back to the simplicity of slowing down and connecting whilst advocating for everyone to get out in nature and just be with some cows, they really are just 'big dogs'.

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