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Nutrition isn't rocket science really, people know now they need to eat fruits and veggies... it more just the actual doing of it... - Grace Deavin

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A spoonful of strength with mental health dietitian Grace Deavin.

This episode is all about our relationship with food. Grace Deavin is an Eating Disorder and Mental Health dietitian based on Sydney's Northern Beaches. She specialises in helping people go from confused to enthused about their relationship with food, movement, and their bodies. With warmth, empathy and skilful counselling, Grace guides her clients on a journey away from restriction, towards balance and wellbeing. Grace is passionate about educating people on the intersect between food and mental health, and is an advocate for holistic lifestyle medicine in treating mental illness. Grace reasons with me about the myths, the facts and the reflections when it comes to eating and living a healthy lifestyle.

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