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A Dating GPS, helping singles choose where they want to go out based on the other singles they want to meet in real life - Ziinkle co-founder Mel

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Bringing dating back to its roots with Ziinkle founders Mel and Ellise.

This episode is all about dating. Fronted by two fed-up females Melanie Leahy and Elisse Alexander, Ziinkle is unlike any other dating app on the market. The innovative platform allows you to see where other singles are out and about socially in real-time, encouraging you to swap swiping on the couch for locking eyes across the bar. Mel and Ellise reason with me about the problem that dating apps created and the solution that is being solved by Ziinkle. Ziinkle brings connection, communication and authenticity back into the dating game with the ability to find other singles out and about.

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