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Traditional sovereignty is all about the love. Once you have that, no one can hurt you. it's so, so simple. So that's how powerful the original sovereignty is. That's what somebody needs to be connected to country and connected to culture - Zeke Shaw

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Coming Home: How to Connect to Culture With Original Custodian Zeke Shaw.

This episode is the first guest of the newly revamped podcast focussing on self-worth and relationships and what a way to start. I am proud and honoured to have an original custodian from tribal sovereign nations of the Wiradjuri and Tjapukai people. Zeke Shaw is a leader in Aboriginal consultancy and delivers powerful teachings in connection and sharing the knowledge-based down. Zeke reasons with me about what there is to learn through Aboriginal wisdom and the relationship with culture. He has an incredible and inclusive way of communicating the importance of the true self and coming home to love, sovereignty and connection. Tune in and witness the power of connection through a cultural lens and how we can all embrace what is waiting to be offered.

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