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1 in 4 Have Experienced Childhood Trauma Dr Cathy Kezelman

This episode is about trauma. What a big subject, that needs more light and more recognition.
Dr. Cathy Kezelman AM is a medical practitioner, mental health consumer advocate, President of Blue Knot Foundation National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma.Under her stewardship Blue Knot Foundation has grown from a peer support organisation to a national centre of excellence combining a prominent consumer voice with that of researchers, academics and clinicians advocating for socio-political trauma-informed change and informed responsiveness to complex trauma. Cathy reasons with me about all things trauma, from what it means to live with trauma, how our society can learn, what GPs are doing and more. Cathy speaks from the heart, with a lived experienced backed with a world of expertise, her passion drives the discussion to portray a beautiful message about trauma-informed practice and complex trauma.

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