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To support yourself you need to observe and notice - Jackson Goding


Find You: A guide to radically putting yourself first.

Find You: A guide to radically putting yourself first E-book available now. 10% off to the Reason with Podcast Listeners FREE10
This episode is all about radically putting yourself first. I wanted to share with you some of the concepts that are within my new E-BOOK 'FIND YOU'
The whole purpose of why I made the book is to empower people to choose to be their own number 1, and put themselves first. No matter where you are in your life’s journey, you can make, unlock, and gain real, significant, measurable changes. Getting to know the self just that little bit more, whether it be in areas that are in the dark or parts of self that have been waiting to flourish, to do that, we turn the focus on ourselves, the role we play in relationships and how to understand and connect deeply.

In this episode I will cover the following:
What is Self-Worth?
We repeat what we don't repair.
How does this relate to my relationships?
How to break the cycle?
How to thrive?

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