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Emotion first and foremost is data. Emotion is the body, the limbic systems way of communicating to the brain - The Yogi Therapist

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How do you actually feel your feelings with The Yogi Therapist.

This episode is all about Emotions, the body and the mind. Rachel McGinty is a PACFA accredited psychotherapist and Yoga teacher. Nestled in the heart of Crows Nest, Rachel operates her own private practice, where she specialises in fostering self-awareness and promoting embodied empowerment through her unique approach to therapy. With a profound commitment to individual growth and transformation, Rachel engages in one-on-one sessions with clients, guiding them on a journey towards self-discovery and personal development. Rachel’s particular passion lies in the realm of relationships. She believes in the interconnectedness of our relationships—with others, with oneself, with our environment, and with the divine. Rachel reasons with me about how to discovery, observe and notice shifts and alerts that the body is trying to tell us.

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