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Its not you, its your profile - Steph Lets Find Love

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It's not you, its your profile with Steph from Lets Find Love.

This episode is about online dating. Steph is the founder of @letsfindlove and is an expert in online dating. Steph is very familiar with the online dating scene and understands the daily struggles of users. Steph wants to educate and support users to improve their online experiences. Steph is committed to changing the narrative and ensuring users no longer blame themselves for their experiences. Steph is here to answer questions about online dating, your profile and finding success in the online dating world. Steph reasons with me about the do's and dont's of dating, how to spice up the profile and how to get more aware about who you are swiping left or right. Together we explore a case study of a good-looking, intelligent, single male that wants to find love, SPOILER ALERT, I am the case study.

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