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Self-Knowledge - starting to know what's going on and what's happening for you - Jackson Goding

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Masterclass - The power of self-knowledge to start to reclaim your worth.

This episode is all about the power of self-knowledge. In early feb I ran a live free masterclass and wanted to record it and provide it to all, so I thought why not make it a podcast episode? Self-knowledge is the first pillar of 8 that makes up regaining self-worth and reconnecting to your true authentic self. This pillar works as the landing pad of who you are, where you are at and what are you doing with all that. The purpose of self-knowing is to gain authentic information about what you possess within yourself. The objectives are designed to confirm, expand and further what you already possess that makes up you and your reality.
What we will cover:
The comfort zone and protection bubble of not seeking further self-knowledge.
The power of knowing you.
Understanding you right now.
What is serving you vs not serving you?
Intention Setting.

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