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You walk into the room and you sat on the chair. You didn't go to sit on my desk or climb the wall or, sit down on the floor. You sat on the chair. It was automatic. You didn't think about it. And that's what you are doing in every area of your life. So your memory is constantly informing how you're reacting in your relationship, what you're saying, how you're behaving, what you're doing, what triggers you, what suits you, so let's get in tune with that and actually connect around it together - Monique Harding

Make Peace With Your Past
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Maybe you're born with it, Maybe it's Therapy With Relationship Therapist Monique Harding.

This episode is all about relationships, knowing that you are not your partner and that their experience is not your experience. Monique Harding is a Clinical Mental Health Social Worker and Couple + Family Therapist that specialises in all things relationships. She uses a family systems lens to support people in developing practical and sustainable tools; with a focus on creating more conscious awareness, breaking intergenerational patterns and promoting mental and relational well being. Monique offers a range of group therapy experiences and courses under @relatable.therapist alongside her bricks and mortar therapy practice on the Gold Coast. Monique reasons with me about our past experience is what we bring to relationships, we discuss the process of self-worth and unpack the world of boundaries.

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