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When you are ready, you can change your traumatic experience into a growth experience - Ellie Rose.

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Post-traumatic growth with Ellie Rose.

This episode is all about post-traumatic growth. Experiencing a traumatic event can have a transformational role among specific individuals and can facilitate development and the ability to shift and change. Ellie Rose is a counsellor and psychotherapist with a fire in her belly to shake up mental health. Out of her own frustrations from working in and researching youth mental health across the past decade, she created Cocoon Mental Health, providing sessions, workshops and content for those of us who want to move on from our family issues and thrive in this big, sometimes confusing life. Cocoon uses a chilled-out, creative approach to therapy (no boring, clinical b.s here!) with the belief that you can do and be all the things you want to - because you’ve always deserved more. Ellie reasons with me about the 5 stages of post-traumatic growth and how we could benefit greatly by focusing on the change and possibilities that people can grasp after traumatic experiences.

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