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"If we don't know it, we cant fix it" - Katrina Locandro on why the Liptember research is so important and valuable for the women's community

Liptember Foundation
2022 Women's Mental Health Research
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Put on some lipstick and live a little with The Liptember Foundation.

This episode is all about Women's Mental Health. Since 2010, the “Liptember” flagship fundraising campaign has encouraged people to wear lipstick throughout the month of September as a lighthearted and fun way to raise awareness and vital funds for women’s mental health, raising over $12 million to date. Before the Liptember Foundation existed, charities supporting women were limited and women’s mental health wasn’t even on the agenda. Over the years, Liptember evolved from a fundraising campaign into the Foundation that it is today - the trusted source and respected leader when it comes to women’s mental health. Representing for Liptember is Katrina Locandro the strategic mind and marketing force behind the Liptember Foundation. She has a literal sense of humour and an enormous passion for women’s mental health. Katrina reasons with me with a deep insight into how to connect with people and create meaningful, authentic relationships with the Liptember Community, what the research has found and how to fill the gaps and meet the needs of women across Australia.

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