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Good connection with others, with ourselves and with our environment, that's it baby, that's happiness right there - Matt Grant

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That's it baby, that's happiness right there with Matt Grant.

This episode is all about authenticity, reality and connection. Matt Grant is a married man with 3 kids living on Sydney's Northern Beaches. He is the host of the podcast Real Life With MG and organiser of mental health events called one conversation. Matt is currently a facilitator with Unleashing Personal Potential and has worked in the fitness industry for 15 years. Matt reasons with me about the importance of sharing and spreading the message of hope and connection to reach out to many people as possible and have more real hard-hitting conversations about mental health. Matt's biggest passion is helping people learn how to live lives of happiness and fulfilment and he does this through his real and raw approach of being able to get vulnerable, having amazing empathy and just being a guy that shows up how he is.

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