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It's an incredible time to be a woman, we are uniting and have visibility, talking about things we never would have spoken about before. - Matilda Coy

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Why It's An Incredible Time To Be A Women With The Georgie Collective.

This episode is coming off the back of International Women's Day where I had the privilege of speaking with an incredible and powerful woman Matilda Coy. Matilda is the Founder of The Georgie Collective, a safe space for curious women to connect and grow. The Georgie Collective is built in tribute to Matilda's best friend who passed away after a long battle with depression. The Georgie Collective runs workshops both online and in-person and is growing rapidly. It's business chicks without the hustle culture, less 'girl boss' and more growth partners focused on your holistic health and connection. Matilda reasons with me about all things women through her own journey of self-worth and establishing a community of connected women that is forever growing. Matilda explores with me how connection is the way we get well and that women need to continue to take up space to do so.

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