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Trust is being able to have that conversation whether it is going too hard or easy and having that faith in each other that when you set rules or boundaries they arent going to be broken - Our Secret Spot.

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I Put The Grr In Swinger Baby - Liberate All Parts Of You With Our Secret Spot.

This episode explores living life on your terms, expressing yourself, creating connection, freedom and safety. Jess and Lawrence are the founders and owners of a multi-award winning swingers club based in Sydney. For the last 8 years, they have been offering a safe and sexy place for couples and singles to explore and fulfil their sexual fantasies. On this special episode, we shared the host seat, with Reason With Me and 'Our Secret Spot' the podcast. Jess and Lawrence's podcast explores anecdotal stories and advice to those interested in the swinging lifestyle and swingers club. Our Secret Spot reason with me in what it is like expressing yourself fully in what it is you desire, and what would life be like to deny what we need and feel. We discuss the journey and experiences of the swinging lifestyle and I answer questions around boundaries, jealousy and self-worth.

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