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If you don't do the work, how can you expect a healthy person to want a relationship with you, healthy people want healthy people as partners - Tully Rose

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Toxic relationships, narcissists and breaking the cycle with Coach Tully Rose.

This episode is all about toxic relationships, narcissists and codependency. Tully Rose is a Certified Coach specializing in helping those in toxic relationships break out of the cycles of abuse and create the life they want and deserve. While she tackles some serious matters in her work, her presence on social media is animated, comedic, and sprinkled with F-bombs. Not afraid to confront tough topics or ask the hard questions, Tully is able to help her clients create profound changes in a short amount of time. Tully reasons with me about the concept of shame, narcissism, codependency, how to leave toxic relationships and how to stay out as well as reentering the dating scene. The experience she brings to her work also comes from her own real-life traumas of growing up with abuse and becoming a victim of relationship violence. Her mission is to awaken as many people as possible to the shackles of domestic violence and narcissistic abuse so they too may begin the path to freedom.

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