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Codependency is when an individual will forfeit their own needs to attempt to meet the needs of others. All their focus, time, energy, thoughts and actions revolve around other people.

Self Worth

Self-worth is how we value ourselves. When an individual has self-worth they internally believe that they are good enough, are inherently worthy of love from themselves and others.

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Jackson, I pride myself on helping individuals to find reason to connect, to grow and to understand their own self-worth and relationships.

I work with clients from the time when trauma first happens to vulnerable, at-risk young people, through to when maladaptive coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s adversities develop into addiction, complex mental health, relationship issues and suicide.

I am a registered member with the Psychotherapy and Counsellor Federation of Australia. I have a Bachelor’s’s in Psychology and a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I work mostly in relational, emotion-based psychotherapy and explore the body through somatic psychotherapy, positioning all my work back to understanding and healing trauma.

Our Connection Crew

I pride myself on my passion to connect with others and my ability to form relationships that are built on connection, support, and compassion.

Jackson takes the time to hear others with compassion and a deep emphatic understanding that leads to lasting change and healing. Great Therapist!!


Overall, I think this is a read for anyone and everyone at any stage in their life.


This book helped me better recognise and understand where my life struggles were a result of my own persistent feelings of worthlessness and gave me the tools to better navigate and process in future.


Jackson is one of the best counsellors I have seen over many years. Great rapport with him. Very knowledgeable, practical. I feel very well supported by him.


It's great having someone to talk to about important issues, knowing there is no judgement and only good intentions

Have been to therapy for years and didn’t manage to get this level of understanding!