Group Counselling

I pride myself on my passion to connect with others and my ability to form relationships that are built on connection, support, and compassion. My lived experience in finding my reasons to connect and understand gives me the power of strengthing my clients to gain a better life with long-lasting change and ongoing motivation and goals.

Groups are all about connection and relationships and can create amazing opportunities for anybody willing, open, and honest.

There are two different groups that may suit the needs of individuals looking to get support and grow in themselves.

Find Your Calling - A Group for Growth as a Therapist

What’s it all about? 

As a student, I was lucky enough to learn quickly the importance of dealing with and looking at your own shit. When you start studying to be a counsellor you start to notice all the things you don’t know about counselling, the modalities, techniques, theories, naturally. However, what you also come to realise is how much you didn’t know about yourself. What makes you uncomfortable, what anxieties you may have, what bias you hold, what may have been left not dealt with.

Getting yourself a therapist or joining a group gives you an excellent opportunity to start looking inward and finding yourself and how you can start to thrive as a counsellor. I had a counsellor when I started my counselling journey, in fact, I had a few. Over the years they created and pathed the way for me to take on and learn more and more about the connection with myself. What I wish I had was a group of people in a similar space to me. I had my own personal world going on around me, whilst taking the leap of faith into practice, training people and trying to make an impact.

Whether you are pre-placement, just graduated, first subject in your degree or perhaps you have done some counselling in the past, this group is aimed at holding a space for you to grow and learn as a person and as a professional, in the crazy space, we call counselling.

Who is invited?

The group is for counselling students that have an interpersonal goal, issue or challenge that they want to explore in a supportive environment, whether that be as a therapist or what may block them to become a better therapist. The group space has a power that provides an incredible opportunity for connection, self-growth and resilience.

Connections Group

What’s it all about? 

This group offers an interpersonal experience for each group member where they can safely explore and expand on their journey through working towards greater self-awareness and internal growth.

This group provides participants with an opportunity to discuss whats going on for them, allowing them to breakdown different aspects of their life such as their family of origin, triggers and how to relate to themselves and others. Through the process of sharing feedback with others, individuals are encouraged to notice how they interact in the present moment with the other group members.

Individuals start becoming part of a group where they can explore what emerges in the room and reflect on patterns that keep arising. These patterns demonstrate their interpersonal relationship style, this is encouraged and can be challenged to relate to others using different approaches, in order to get their needs met in a more productive and beneficial way.

The aim of the group is to focus on connection and relating to oneself and others by sharing support, resources and experiences in order to encourage and increase self-directed positive change for people’s journey.

Who is invited?

The group is for anyone that has an interpersonal goal, issue or challenge that they want to explore in a supportive environment. The group space has a power that provides an incredible opportunity for connection, self-growth and resilience.


These therapeutically facilitated group is 2 hours a fortnight that is built around safety and trust, where each member can explore and grow as a therapist and within themselves. Starting once the groups fills up.


Those interested should fill out and register interest below. From there we can discuss suitability for the group. The group is capped at a max of 8-10 people, to provide the therapeutic benefit.


Located in the North Sydney Area
Crows Nest, Sydney, 2065 


Once successful, group members can pay per session, or the option to pay upfront for a 6-month commitment and receive a 10% discount. Non-attendance will still incur the fee.

What do the groups look like?

What does it look like?

The group session will include; checking in with yourself and others, a process amongst the group with a space for observation, feedback and support, then closing the group with grounding and reflections.

As the group works together, there becomes an increase in self-awareness and an ability to grow internally and establish stronger connections. Members are free to open up and work through their own goals and aspirations where they may be met by others who have similar experiences.

Trust takes time to establish and as it starts to form the group is encouraged to explore and try new behaviours and new ways of interacting with each other within the safety of the group.

This is achieved through the power of giving and receiving feedback as members can start to get honest, vulnerable and open to uncover old patterns and create new behaviours that may have once been very difficult. This creates experiences that are more fulfilling and empowering as the opportunity to learn and grow together is supported within the group.



*Rose has consistently come to the group, sharing with others and heard feedback about herself and how people experience her. Rose has always said “I know I have to let people in eventually, but that’s further down the track”. The experiences that Rose has had in the group have challenged her statement. Rose is slowly letting others in and putting trust in herself to do so, she can practice her boundaries and continues to advance her self-awareness, slowly coming to know and recognise her needs and emotions.*

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