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Love is like oxygen. It keeps us alive. When we feel we care so deeply about someone and want so much for them to be okay and to be safe. because of experiencing love from those that deeply care then we start to know how to love other things and ourselves - Jackson Goding

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Women's Inner Child Workshop Tuesday 13th June
Women's Inner Child Workshop Thursday 15th June

Learn to Love Solo Episode.

This episode is all about LURVEEEE. Love is a big topic. This is a solo episode on all things love. I thought it best and most authentic if I speak from the heart rather than research the hell out of it. There are lots of opinions, controversial pain points and misconceptions when it comes to the topic of love and I did not want to get all up in the nitty and gritty of it, so instead this podcast is for you if you want a raw and honest perspective on love. I cover what is love, how it links to attachment, self-worth and mental health. I reason with you about vulnerability, risk and pain that can show up along with the idea of fantasy vs intuition to start to break down how this complex feeling and sensation can play a role in our relationships and in our lives. I end on a curious note on the concept of saying I love you and I bring it home to come back to self and the realms of self-love.

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