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Couples Therapy

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Couples Therapy

What Therapy Looks Like: A Roadmap to Relationship Renewal

Embarking on the transformative journey of therapy unfolds in three distinct stages, each tailored to reshape the dynamics of your relationship.

1. De-escalation of Negative Cycles:

In this crucial phase, we work collaboratively to defuse the intensity of negative patterns that may be hindering your connection. Through careful assessment and alliance-building, we create a safe space to understand the root challenges, unraveling the complexities that contribute to the cycle of discord.

Steps include:

Building a positive therapeutic alliance.
Identifying negative cycles and attachment issues.
Accessing underlying attachment emotions.
Reframing the problem, fostering a shift in perspective.

2. Restructuring the Bond:

Moving beyond de-escalation, we delve into the process of restructuring your bond. Here, we unearth implicit needs, fears, and models of the self, fostering an environment that promotes acceptance and understanding. Together, we structure the reach and responses, facilitating the expression of attachment needs and nurturing interactions that foster deep bonding.

Steps include:

Accessing implicit needs, fears, and models of the self.
Promoting acceptance and understanding.
Structuring reach and responses to express attachment needs, fostering bonding interactions.

3. Consolidation and Integration:

As your journey progresses, new solutions emerge, and old patterns make way for healthier cycles of attachment behaviors. This final stage is about consolidating these newfound solutions, solidifying positions, cycles, and stories of secure attachment. It’s the culmination of our shared efforts, leading to a relationship that is not only renewed but fundamentally transformed.

Steps include:

Facilitating new solutions to old problems.
Consolidating positions, cycles, and stories of secure attachment.
Through these intricately designed stages, therapy becomes a roadmap to renewal, guiding you from distress to a place of profound connection and integration. Let’s embark on this journey together, rewriting the narrative of your relationship.