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Guided and Immersive Breathwork Meditation To Music.

By April 16, 2023May 10th, 2023No Comments

Guided and Immersive

Breathwork Meditation To Music

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Please Read: 

This is a guided breathwork meditation to music. The breathing consists of some fast breathing and breath holds as well as grounding meditation. The song does most of the work through the words of Allan Watts and music by Marsh. The guide merely instructs the type of breathing to practice which is an open invitation to flow as you feel. 



Do not practice this breathwork if you are pregnant or epileptic. 

People with cardiovascular issues or any serious health conditions should consult a medical professional before starting this practice. 

This is a guide only, so please listen to your own body and don’t push yourself. 

If you start to feel unwell please don’t persist. 

You are a voluntary participant, please engage with awareness of any risk. 


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