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How To Be There For Someone Who’s Suicidal

By June 27, 2020September 8th, 2023No Comments

How are you meant to respond when someone tells you they’re having thoughts about suicide? This isn’t something that was taught in school and it can be an understandably intimidating and even overwhelming to confront. There’s no one size fits all solution when dealing with these situations but there are ways you can approach it that will make that person feel like you’re really there for them, and as Jackson Goding explains, trust is the foundation.

Jackson is a Psychotherapist with his own practice called ‘Find Reason Therapy’ in Sydney. Reconditioning men to love themselves and live better lives is his mission and it’s one that, like many, was sparked by personal tragedy. Jackson was nearing the end of his psychology degree, Jackson Goding was undecided on what he was going to specialise on in his area of profession. That was until he endured the suicide of a friend and recognised the deep need for treating men’s mental health.

The pain he experienced inspired Jackson to want to be a changemaker and serve struggling men. He’s overcome his own struggles with depression and anxiety over the years and now uses what he went through to inform his important work. Through years volunteering at Lifeline, he’s taken countless calls from suicidal men and often felt the pressure of being the only support between life and death.

As someone who has been faced with the suicide conversation on more than one occasion, I found Jackson’s practical advice invaluable. It’s knowledge that will stay with me and no doubt help me show up in a real way as a friend in the future. Everyone should take note of these simple tips that could help you save a life for people having thoughts about suicide. This 40-minute video will give you the do’s and dont’s and practical tips to use when faced with this reality that many also face.


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