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NeurOptimal®, Neurofeedback – Optimise Your Performance.

By March 29, 2023May 10th, 2023No Comments
NeurOptimal®, Neurofeedback Crows Nest, Sydney at Find Reason Therapy

Do You Want To Optimise Your Performance And Reach Your Brain’s Full Potential?


NeurOptimal®, Neurofeedback Crows Nest, Sydney at Find Reason Therapy


Do you find it hard to get on top of all the tasks running around in your mind?


Do you wish there was a better way to enhance and improve the way you are living?


Do you want to clear the brain fog and head noise by optimising and hacking your brain? 


So let me break it down.

NeurOptimal® is a cutting-edge technology that is changing the way we approach brain optimization. This innovative technology is designed to help individuals improve their brain function and achieve optimal performance in all areas of their lives. This is why Find Reason Therapy Crows Nest, Sydney has incorporated into their therapy model to have NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback with support from specialised brain trainers. 

One of the major benefits of Neuroptimal is that it is non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical, making it a safe and effective alternative to traditional treatments. It can be used to address a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, and PTSD, as well as to help individuals improve their cognitive performance, memory, and creativity.

NeurOptimal® uses a technique called neurofeedback, which is a form of biofeedback that helps individuals learn how to regulate their own brainwaves. The technology is based on the idea that the brain is capable of self-regulation and that with the right tools and techniques, individuals can improve their brain function and achieve optimal performance.

NeurOptimal® is different from other neurofeedback technologies in that it uses a non-linear dynamical system to monitor and adjust brainwave activity in real-time. This means that the system is able to detect changes in brainwave activity and adjust the feedback accordingly, providing the most effective training possible.

NeurOptimal® has been used by thousands of individuals around the world, including athletes, performers, executives, and students, to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential. It has also been used in clinical settings, such as hospitals and rehabilitation centres, to help individuals recover from brain injuries and other conditions.

Whether you’re an athlete, performer, executive, or simply looking to improve your brain function and achieve optimal performance in all areas of your life, Neuroptimal is the technology for you.

Check out the test and more information to Reach Your Full Potential And Optimise Your Brain’s Performance Today.

Discounted initial sessions are available. Register your interest today. and the brain trainers at Crows Nest, Sydney at Find Reason Therapy 

What is NeurOptimal® neurofeedback?

NeurOptimal® is a brain training specialised machine that analyses brain monitoring activity 256 times per second using small sensors whilst providing feedback through music without any electrical impulses being delivered. The process drops you into your chill and rest state to start optimising the nervous system reducing symptoms from as early as the first session. Essentially, habitual unhelpful brain patterns need to be interrupted in order for positive change to occur. 


Many individuals choosing to train their trains through NeurOptimal® find that all it takes is 1-5 sessions to start to notice a difference. Every brain and nervous system is different and we all present with different stressors and presentations so the number of sessions is based on your goals. You can chop and change as you feel and have as many as 30 sessions to gain long-term, long-lasting effects. This is where the integration comes in. With our qualified and experienced therapists certified in NeurOptimal®, we find the best outcomes come with the best support. Together with neurofeedback, we incorporate counselling to help monitor your progress and properly track changes through developed tools. 


What is a session like in Crows Nest, Sydney?

Join us in the healing hub, sit back and relax at Find Reason Therapy, Crows Nest, Sydney. 


First-timers will be invited to fill out some forms, set some goals and have a chat to best optimise measurements of performance. No need for diagnostic assessment or lengthy evaluation, just some time to connect and get to know you. 


Then we let the brain training do its thing. You get to drop into a calm state with the applied sensors and headphones to listen to music that takes you through 33 minutes to tune out and gain some rest. You have a few options for how you want to spend your time.

  •  A dedicated visualiser
  • Colouring in books
  • Sensory toolbox, 
  • Read a book
  • Meditate
  • Simply fall asleep with our weighted blankets

Why NeurOptimal® neurofeedback? 

We find the best outcomes for clients whether experiencing mental health concerns, wanting to manage stress/emotions, sleep better or perform to potential, is to provide coaching and counselling to set your goals and monitor your progress as well as the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system. 



  • Improved Memory, Focus & Motivation
  • Emotional Regulation 
  • Increased Self-Awareness 


You might have done the test and found that you could do with some support in a number of areas or more defined areas of concern. With the feedback coming through music many benefits can be achieved across the whole brain and potential areas of concern can start to melt away and become easier to manage by improving overall brain function. Look at  NeurOptimal® neurofeedback as similar to the process of training a muscle at the gym and a coach assisting you to let you know where to improve to enhance performance.


NeurOptimal® neurofeedback supports goals  around:


  • Peak performance or getting the edge 
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Reducing stress 
  • Emotional regulation 
  • Improved sleep 
  • Improved relationships
  • Access to deeper self 
  • Procrastination, focus, concentration

Check out the test and more information to Reach Your Full Potential And Optimise Your Brain’s Performance Today.

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