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Reasons to go to Therapy

By May 13, 2019March 27th, 2024No Comments

Reasons to go to Therapy

Therapy, Counselling, Psychotherapy, call it what you want, why should I do any of it?

The answer is not simple nor is it one size fits all. The short answer: Therapy is for everyone come and start kicking some goals!!!

If you want more than some short answers, then keep having a read-through;

Whether the issue is big or small, persistent or fleeting; connecting and having someone be with you will provide a space for you to explore whatever is going on for you.

There are many reasons why people want to find a therapist. Some common reasons people reach out for support may include depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, grief and loss or difficulties in your relationships.

Some areas in your life you may already be kicking goals and have it all under control and yet, some areas of your life you could use a little support. Perhaps, it’s just about wanting to find some answers to grow and get a better understanding of YOU.

Not sure?

Here are some of the reasons why I believe therapy is for everyone and worthy of giving it a good go:

Find Purpose
Many individuals go through life not understanding their purpose in life, others have significant change which can have an impact on their purpose. Therapy can help uncover what is going on for you, discover who you are and learn about yourself on a deeper level.

Find Hope
Having that feeling of hopelessness or helplessness every so often when under stress or experiencing difficulties isn’t uncommon but isn’t nice either. This can cause a sense of being stuck or lost causing heavy burden and despair. Finding hope in the darkness can be the new light on different circumstances in life and be the shift that may be needed.

Find Meaning
Sometimes you just want to understand why? Does this sound familiar?
Why are things like the way they are?
Why does this happen to me?
How come the same things keep happening to me?

Therapy can be the vessel that guides you through discovering the “WHY”. Creating meaning of what has happened, is a process that can bring growth and learning.

Find Yourself
Many people struggle with knowing how to love and accept oneself. You don’t have to be unwell to not understand yourself, this is just something a lot of people go through.

Bringing yourself to therapy can be the next step on the journey to unblocking certain paths, conquering challenges and sorting out this thing called self-esteem. Therapy can help you prioritise by putting yourself first. So you are number 1.

Find More
The “where we are now”, is rarely the “where we want to be”. There is a ongoing need to want more, more, more, whether that’s achievable and realistic or not. Coming into talk to someone is a way to start to find out what more you can get from your life, or what more you may need to be okay with what you already got!

Find Choices
You might find yourself turning to negative coping styles or strategies in order to get through stress, uncomfortable emotions or experiences.
Discovering different choices in therapy can provide new perspectives in taking some action in your life.
Looking after yourself mentally is just as important as how we treat our injuries. Not only is seeking support in therapy a positive outlet, but the therapy itself can also promote and discover further self-care practices in your life.

Find Connection
Loneliness, withdrawing and isolating; all these feelings can be a part of the human experience, what else is part of that experience, is connection. Therapy can be a safe way to find connection with another individual, providing relief that you don’t have to be alone. Therapy can be utilised to break down the importance of connecting with those other people, friends and family in a way that is meaningful and supportive for one’s wellbeing.

Find Reason
There are times where emotional pain and suffering do not pass easily and can lead to thoughts of suicide. When in an emergency or crisis, it is best to reach out for immediate support, such as The Mental Health Line (1800 011 511), Lifeline (13 11 14) or Emergency Services (000).

Such crises can be overcome and when you do get through those more challenging moments, having a supportive person to listen and not judge you will help you on your road to recovery. After crisis care in therapy will be helpful in having someone to care about you and help keep you safe. Finding reasons to live can be the saving grace that some need to keep holding on.

If any of these reasons for therapy resonate with you or you would like to discuss this further, feel free to contact me for a chat