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Better Sleep = Better Mental Health

By July 3, 2024No Comments
Sleep Optimisation

Sleep Series:

Better Sleep = Better Mental Health

Welcome to my Sleep Optimisation Toolkit.

I would love to begin with I started tuning into my body a lot more after I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. That, however, would be a lie. It took me a long time to be truly sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have had gut issues for as long as I can remember, my skin goes in and out of having a temper tantrum in the centre of my forehead like a cyclic bad habit, I normally check in with a magnitude 3 of anxiety on my supposedly calm island of tolerance and more recently my sleep has decided to be in an inconsistent never-ending maze of despair. You would think that I would be sick and tired of being sick and tired, but the motivation wasn’t really there and more importantly, my Self-Worth probably wasn’t there either, UNTIL NOW. 

So your hype guy behind all these words, that’s here to align words with actions, your personal connection specialist and fellow self-worth thriver. It’s the perfectly imperfect, what you see is what you get because everyone else is taken, Jackson Goding

If you can read my tone, I am pumped, honoured and hyped you are here choosing you and your sleep. I am on a little bit of a mission for myself and my clients and community to find the best way to optimise my mental health which means my overall wellbeing now that I have found my worth. Self-worth can be measured by how we show up for our mind and body. So along with all the other therapy and the likes to help radically put myself first, I am destined to do the same for the other significant pillars of my health such as getting my Sleep right. Self-care is self-worth. 

I want to preface this whole thing by saying that looking after yourself has to be number 1 if you want to have the most fulfilling life. I work with people who want to get better in themselves and show up better in their relationships. We are going to break down sleep and how to use it to enhance your overall wellbeing and mental health. The main reason people have interrupted sleep is their stress. I believe, everything comes back to how we see ourselves and the situations we happen to be in. Although this sleep guide will help support some reduction in stress as well as tricks and tips to better your sleep, there many be underlying concerns or issues going on that this guide may not cover. 

I am a Clinical Psychotherapist and fellow self-worth thriver and I am all about self-care and allowing myself to strive towards the best version of myself. For me, that means non-negotiable self-care and years of therapy and now figuring out how to optimise other things going on around me. Before starting this I highly recommend having a deep dive into finding out what is non-negotaible that allows you to fill up your cup throughout your week. Sleep 100% is on the top of my list. I break down how to create your non-negotiable self-care plan in my FREE Program.

If this took kit doesn’t cut the mustard for your sleep improving, something else may be lingering and going on in the shadows. I have an 8-week program ‘Find Your Worth’ where you can unpack and uncover your true authentic self and live with the self-worth you truly deserve. 

You can find it here, as well as access to a bunch of other stuff over on my website to how to work with Find Reason Therapy or just stay connected. 

Get your download here:

Sleep Optimisation Toolkit For Mental Health