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Express Through Art Therapy.

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Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Art Therapy, a hybrid field largely influenced by the disciplines of art and psychology, uses the creative process, pieces of art created in therapy to help people in treatment develop self-awareness, explore emotions, address unresolved emotional conflicts and improve social skills. 

Art Therapy primarily aims to help individuals experiencing emotional and psychological challenges, achieve personal well-being and improved levels of functioning. Neither previous artistic experience nor natural artistic ability is necessary for participants.

Art Therapy has been shown to benefit people of all ages, it can improve communication and concentration and can help reduce feelings of isolation. Because art therapy allows people to express feelings on any subject through creative work rather than with speech, it is believed to be particularly helpful for those who feel out of touch with their emotions or feelings. The creative process can help people express those thoughts, emotions, and experiences that may be difficult to speak about. Individuals who experience difficulty discussing or remembering painful experiences, and suppressed or repressed emotions may also find art therapy especially beneficial. 

Common techniques used in therapy include painting, doodling, scribbling, sculpting, drawing, using moulding clay, making cards, using textiles, and making collages.

A fascinating story of Pandora’s box. Pandora, from Greek mythology, was given a box with all the world’s evils in it: sickness, death, sadness and poverty. She disobeyed orders not to open it. When the lid came off, evil spread throughout the world. I was always drawn to the story’s optimistic ending: Left at the bottom of the box was “Hope “in a form of a golden butterfly that humans can hold on to in order to protect themselves from evil.” 

If you were a creator of your own Pandora box,  what would be your positive word inside your box? “ ….. “let’s try and do it in a session.

If you would like to try an Individual or Group based Art Therapy session, please contact us and reach out. 

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