Self-Worth and Relationship Counselling and Psychotherapy

Helping individuals to find reason to connect, to grow and to understand themselves to thrive and build strong and lasting relationships.

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    Individual Relationship Counselling

    Relationship Counselling is not just for couples, I hold the space for any individual wanting to work on themselves and their relationships. Working on yourself in counselling is an incredibly effective way to create the relationships that you want and need. 

    Is your relationship not working and you want to improve it?

    Are you finding that you keep repeating the same patterns and getting the same results?

    Are you struggling to be in relationship with others? 

    Have a go at my list of questions that address what fits for you in your relationship to yourself and others. Take the quick quiz to find out where you sit?

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    What Can We Help With?

    Self-worth. Help find your own value and stop defining worth based on others views

    Self. Self-discovery, learning how to put yourself first

    Boundaries. Setting functional boundaries

    Communication. Relating to your person, sharing and owning your reality

    Past. Looking at unresolved issues impacting your relationships

    Trust. Finding moderated and healthy trust, a look at commitment issues and decision making

    Patterns. The repeated patterns that keep happening in each attempt at relationship

    Conflict. Arguments, needing control or anger issues

    Blockages. Find the answer to the hurdles and walls that may prevent intimacy

    Loneliness. Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness with the current situation

    Infidelity. Rebuilding or letting go after an emotional or physical affair

    Love. Understanding you, your partner and the connection between

    Pain. The emotional pain of relationships, break ups, staying together, resolving

    What Can You Hope To Find?

    Increase in self-awareness and understanding

    Discover a path to healthier relationships

    Resolve the issues that are holding you back in being intimate

    An increase in self-esteem and worth

    A decrease in mental health symptoms

    A balance between self and other

    Ability to attract a new relationship and create long-lasting change

    Improving the way you communicate, solve issues and resolve conflict

    Learning how to let go and surrender

    Discover how to be more open, willing and honest

    Resolve past relationship or childhood traumas

    Learn to love, express yourself and be able to be more intimate

    Thrive in your ability to connect with others

    Slowly knock down the walls and let people in

    Issues In Relationships:


    Self-worth is how we value ourselves. When an individual has self-worth they internally believe that they are good enough, are inherently worthy of love from themselves and others.

    Relationship Issues 


    Not being able to be open, willing or honest, feeling distant, not being in touch with own emotions or not prioritising what is important


    When we set internal boundaries, we are choosing our own reality, our own thinking, feeling and behaviour instead of the contrary, which is just having automatic reactions.


    Trust allows an experience of emotional and commitment safety as it opens us up to having more depth in our relationships and also allows us the ability to endure the conflicts and difficulties that come with relationships.

    Codependency –
    Core Symptoms 

    1. Difficulty experiencing appropriate levels of self-esteem
    2. Difficulty setting functional boundaries
    3. Difficulty owning our own reality
    4. Difficulty acknowledging and meeting our own needs and wants and being interdependent with others 
    5. Difficulty experiencing and expressing our reality moderately

    How Do We Do This?

    Holding the space to help with emotional pain and goals to improve themselves and their relationships

    Treating the person as a whole, individuals are unique with a set of needs and values that hold significant worth

    Using a variety of specialised therapeutic techniques and modalities to meet the individual’s needs

    Do You Want To Find More In Yourself and Your Relationships?

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