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Claim Your Worth, Own Your Relationships: A Guide to Authentic Connection

Self-worth dad
Claim Your Worth, Own Your Relationships A Guide to Authentic Connection In the intricate dance of relationships, one element often sets the rhythm: self-worth. The silent conductor shapes how we engage, communicate, and connect with others. Understanding this foundation is key to deciphering the complex dynamics of human connection. Self-worth, at its core, is the value we assign to ourselves.…
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4 Expert Strategies for Couples: Resolve Conflict Fast

Conflict Resolution
4 Expert Strategies for Couples Resolve Conflict Fast Every couple has their fair share of arguments. If you think otherwise, well, you might be a bit out of touch with reality. Instead of aiming for a conflict-free utopia, it's more practical to focus on resolving disagreements quickly and effectively When tensions rise in your relationship, the key is to act…
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Inner Child Wounds and Trauma

Inner child
Inner Child Work and Trauma Understanding Triggers: Navigating Inner Child Wounds and Trauma Do you find yourself experiencing strong emotional reactions in certain situations, seemingly out of proportion to the present moment? You might be experiencing triggers from your wounded inner child. Triggers are not the events themselves but rather the way we perceive or interpret them. They can take…
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Adult ADHD – A Therapist’s Story

ADULT ADHD - A Therapist's Story For those ADHDers at home, this is a 6 minute read, 2 minutes depending on the hyper focus and 45 minutes depending on the procrastination I was inspired to write this blog as I am currently reading (at a snail's pace) Scattered Minds by Gabor Mate, a book all about ADHD and it really…
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Boundaries: What in the world are those?

I have wanted to write about this firecracker topic for such a long time, but lo and behold, other needs come up, and when it comes to writing, holding boundaries with myself is like telling the rain not to wet me whilst I walk umbrellaless.    Therefore, this bit of information is bought to you by someone who constantly has…
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Facing your Fear; Understanding the 8 Core Emotions

How many people have you heard say, "they don't know how to express their emotions" or" they are too emotional". At times, emotions come with a deep-seated reluctance to share; we are hesitant to be with an intense feeling.  What does this mean for us?  How does this impact our lives?  What is it about being vulnerable, people fear?  The…
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