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Facing your Fear; Understanding the 8 Core Emotions

How many people have you heard say, "they don't know how to express their emotions" or" they are too emotional". At times, emotions come with a deep-seated reluctance to share; we are hesitant to be with an intense feeling.  What does this mean for us?  How does this impact our lives?  What is it about being vulnerable, people fear?  The…
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How To Be There For Someone Who’s Suicidal

How are you meant to respond when someone tells you they’re having thoughts about suicide? This isn’t something that was taught in school and it can be an understandably intimidating and even overwhelming to confront. There’s no one size fits all solution when dealing with these situations but there are ways you can approach it that will make that person…

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What You Can Find With Relationship Counselling

When I’m asked the age-old question “So what do you do?” I give my answer and almost always get the same response “ooooo can you psychoanalyse me”? Firstly, no that is highly unethical, we just met, secondly well actually hell yeah I can. Professionally, that is a big part of what I do, I try to understand what is going…
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Online Counselling – The Way We Can Now Connect

Online Counselling is becoming the new chosen platform in the times we are currently in. Online Counselling simply means via Telehealth or Phone call. When we are in isolation we need to not be socially distant, we need to connect now more than ever. Peter Levine speaks about currently it being physically distant rather than socially distance and the incredibly…

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The Importance of Connection  

There is something about seeing a person walking down the street with a wonderful bouquet of flowers. Whether it has just been received or at the start of the journey to its delivery. Whether for a sombre occasion or celebration of something special, it’s the purity of the persons intentions to attempt to connect with another. Sure, we don’t need…
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Reasons to go to Therapy

Therapy, Counselling, Psychotherapy, call it what you want, why should I do any of it? The answer is not simple nor is it one size fits all. The short answer: Therapy is for everyone come and start kicking some goals!!! If you want more than some short answers, then keep having a read through; Whether the issue is big or…
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